RDML Hewitt has a strong history of success in bringing together various elements of the U.S. government to collaborate on creating winning strategies and turning ideas into action.

RDML Hewitt retired from active duty on 1 January 2014, after 31 years of service in the U.S. Navy. A career naval aviator, RDML Hewitt distinguished himself across a diverse spectrum of defense-related competencies. He was not only an outstanding leader at the flag rank in naval aviation, he has had unqualified success in major acquisition programs, legislative affairs, joint warfare, and most notably as lead for Information Operations, Cyberspace Operations, Non-Kinetic and Net warfare for all of DoD. He is recognized as one of the department’s leading experts in strategy-to-task advancing asymmetric warfare, non-kinetic warfare, and sensitive collaboration within the Department of Defense, Interagency, and National Security Staff.

Upon his retirement from the military, RDML Hewitt founded HSH Analytics, a company dedicated to providing unmatched expertise in special access program operational employment, future war-fighting scenario development, and emerging technologies aligned to asymmetric warfare. HSH focuses on the nexus of intelligence and military operations across the DoD, intelligence community, and interagency process. In 2014, RDML Hewitt became the CEO for the Center for Social Computation (CSC). CSC provides computational integration and data distillation using open source analytics for both government and private sector clients. In addition, RDML Hewitt is an advisor for several corporate entities involved in cyber defense, countering weapons of mass destruction, commercial capabilities for USG requirements, and high tech firms supporting advanced warfare concepts.