The mission of IP3 is to be the lead U.S. integrator for the development and operations of peaceful and secure nuclear power in the global marketplace. IP3’s vision is to create thriving, peaceful environments in critical world markets through the development of sustainable energy and security infrastructure via public/private initiatives and U.S. industry-led partnerships.

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  • Advancing international security through a globally responsible fuel cycle
  • Providing security-as-a-service to protect critical infrastructure
  • Enabling meaningful employment for a growing population


IP3 accelerates reliable power generation through a zero-carbon model, provides fully integrated nuclear power and security solutions, and reestablishes the U.S. nuclear industry as the global market leader.

  • Nuclear energy is the only clean-air source of energy that produces electricity 24 hours a day, every day
  • 1,000 MW reactor produces 7.9 billion kWh per year, enough to replace 13.7 million barrels of oil equivalent
  • Nuclear power plants provided 20% of U.S. electricity production, but accounted for 60% of emission-free generation in 2016
  • 13 countries receive 25% or more of their energy from nuclear power
  • Over 55 reactors are under construction worldwide and about 160 are on order or planned

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Together, IP3 and its commercial partners deliver secure nuclear power, enabling economic development and empowering workers to thrive in a 21st century knowledge economy.

  • Each reactor employs up to 700 permanent staff during operations
  • Median U.S. income for nuclear engineers in 2016: $102K
  • The typical U.S. nuclear energy facility generates nearly $40M in total labor income
  • A nuclear energy facility in the U.S. generates $470M in sales of goods and services in the local community
  • Every dollar spent to operate a typical nuclear energy facility creates an additional $1.04 in the local community

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